We are a group of friends that came together because of our love for books, boys and sports, especially hockey! We’ve all been reading for years and writing individual reviews on Goodreads and we were always discussing how much fun it would be to come together and have a blog to share our opinions. I mean, we already spend hours chatting with each other every day so why not share our favorite and not so favorite books with the world! And so the sisterhood was born. Here’s a little bit about each of us:



Hi! I’m Wil. I’m originally from sunny Puerto Rico but I now live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. I’ve been married to my super awesome, super patient husband for many years and we have three kids and a dog. I have a super demanding day job so reading and chatting with my girls is my form of therapy. I love hanging out with my family, going out to eat, traveling and working out (when I have time!). I also love movies, music and watching sports, but reading is my passion.

I love books, all kind of books. I’m a true book lover and a natural reader, of everything. I mainly read romance, Contemporary and New Adult,  in both English and Spanish but I dabble into all sorts of genres if the book interests me.  I’ve read non-fiction, biographies, mystery, paranormal, young adult, etc. I love a good love story but also a heartbreaking one. I love a well-written taboo book and I’m a sucker for second-chance romances. Sports and military stories are like crack to me. I love hot, alpha guys and dislike stupid heroines very much. Ever since I’ve switched to eBooks I have become a book hoarder, my TBR list is really, really long but I’m always open for suggestions and discovering new authors.

I don’t want to bore you with much stuff about me. I just want to say I’m so happy I’m doing this, and I’m so happy I’m doing it with these girls. We are so alike, they know me so well and we just love hanging out with each other. I hope you enjoy our blog!




Hi, I’m Shannon! I’m twenty-something years old and live just north of Toronto, Ontario. I first discovered my love of reading the year I graduated college. With tensions high and everyone getting ready for exams and graduation, I needed a distraction from all of the pressure. One day I happened to stumble upon a copy of The Hunger Games, remembered hearing good things and decided to give it a try. Nowhere in my mind did I expect to finish the entire series in a week!

I love being able to experience different places, situations, people, and cultures through the words on a page. With RL obligations and full time employment, reading is the perfect escape for me. I can relax, get into someone else’s head and enjoy the ride along with them.

Starting out, I mainly read YA, but since have expanded – chances are, if it’s a modern day love story, I want to read it! These days my main focus tends to be more on NA stories, I do still really enjoy Young Adult and continue to read them as well. While HEAs and swoon worthy heroes are my kind of book, a strong heroine can really make story come to life. Generally, I’m not a fan of darker romances, But as of late I have been known to read one or two. While we’re on the subject of what I like, cliffhangers, when done well, I hate that I love them; I really, really hate it. I’ll give anything a shot once, so let’s have at it!




Hi!  My name is Angie and before I get into books, here’s a little bit about me. I live in Chicago a.k.a., The Windy City and absolutely love it here.  I’m happily married with two sons and am a working-turned-stay-at home-mom.  Easy transition?  Let’s just say, I rely heavily on coffee and wine!

My love for books started in the 6th grade. I loved reading The Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, Judy Blume and Christopher Pike books.  Our family tradition every Friday was going to dinner at Portillo’s and then to the bookstore.  As I grew older the reading flame sort of burned out. Fast forward many, many years, I met J.K. Rowling and Mr. Harry Potter.  The flame was reignited.  I fell in love with that wizard hard and fast.  Real life reared it’s head again and reading was put on hold until the Twilight series came into my life.

The romance genre, I used to giggle at the cheesy covers and would ask myself why on Earth people would read them.  I now hang my head in shame for judging books by their covers.  The Fifty Shades series was my very first erotic/dark/romance book.  After that series, I asked myself, “Now what?”  One by one, I was reading New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Dark/ Sports Romance and even Young Adult titles and with the addition on my Kindle app, I became hooked.  The flame is here to stay now and I always find myself making time to read, even if it’s squeezing in a couple of pages here and there.

I’m blessed to be a part of this blogging group and express my love for all things books, book boyfriends (SUPER IMPORTANT), blogs and everything else! I’m not too picky as far as what I’ll read.  I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it.  *Wink*

I hope you enjoy our blog as much as I love being a part of it.




I’m snarky, opinionated and a hopeless romantic rolled into one. I’m from Peru, but have lived in Central America and the United States, so I’m really from all around. I have a man who is my real life hero, and a cat that talks to me. I can be easily seduced with Hawaiian pizza or cappuccinos.

The girls on this page are incredible and I couldn’t be happier we found each other through the wonders of the internet. Our love for hockey, hot guys, and hot books is epic and now I have all of them to share my passions with.

I’ll read anything from Cassandra Clare to Colleen Hoover to Pepper Winters, to classic literature. I like fun, sexy sport romances like Elle Kennedy’s but give me darkness and grit –  that’s my kryptonite. If it’s edgy, taboo or BDSM, I’m in. I love a rollercoaster of emotions.

My number one erotic book is Nine and a Half Weeks. My favorite book ever is Wuthering Heights. Words like “whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” are the stuff of real beauty. Like Heathcliff, I like my heroes larger than life, passionate, complicated, jealous and possessive. I’ll indulge in antiheroes and playboys that are ALPHA to a T. Above all, top tier writing is life.

I’m a straight shooter. That means no bullshit reviews, but I don’t get off on author bashing. I abhor narrow mindedness and stupidity and, like Darcy, my good opinion, once lost is lost forever. But Darcy had a soft side, and so do I. If you get that I’m a walking contradiction, you’re right.





Hi everyone!!! My name is Quinn. I live in beautiful northern Indiana with my husband and 2 children. My ‘real’ job is being an Occupational Therapist. Sounds cool? That’s because it is. In my downtime I love to read. I’ve been a reader since junior high and continued through college. After finishing school, working full time and having children, I didn’t have the time to enjoy a good book. Now that my children are older I have fallen back in love with reading.

I stumbled upon the sisterhood by meeting Shannon randomly through a Facebook book group. After worming my way into her group of friends, they couldn’t get rid of me! I may have joined the sisterhood a bit later than the other ladies, but I couldn’t be more excited. I never expected to become a book blogger, but not only do I love reading books, I love reviewing them! I’m a huge fan of new adult novels. I love the angst that comes with this genre! I love friends to lovers, enemy to lovers, second chance romance, sports romance, traveling, and even a dark romance here or there. I also enjoy the occasional YA contemporary as well as suspense. One thing that I’m not a big fan of is books that make me cry. I love a good HEA! I have found so many great recommendations through the sisterhood so I hope that you check out their reviews and mine!

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