Review: Waiting for the Sun by Robin Hill

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Review: Waiting for the Sun by Robin HillWaiting for the Sun (Waiting for the Sun, #1) by Robin Hill
Series: Waiting for the Sun #1
on January 12, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 338

Be the butterfly, Frankie…
Francesca Valentine would rather swear off chocolate than go on vacation solo, but she made a promise to her late father to come out of her shell and live a little. When her best friend bails on their annual girls’ trip, she vows to do just that, but her plan is foiled when the hotel loses her reservation. Alone and stranded in Austin, Texas during one of the world’s largest music festivals, she's rescued by a mysterious stranger, and an unexpected friendship blossoms.
Ten years after losing his family in a tragic accident, Darian Fox is finally back on his feet. The onetime rock star turned successful indie label-owner is content with the isolated life he’s created for himself and wants to keep it that way. But when he’s forced to travel to Texas on behalf of his company, he finds it’s hard to be alone in a city overrun with people. He meets the beautiful, magnetic Francesca and discovers alone is the last thing he wants to be.
The unlikely pair form a bond that elevates them from merely existing to living a life less ordinary. But the lines of friendship quickly blur, and when Francesca’s true feelings surface, Darian will have to decide between breaking her heart and breaking the promise he made to the family he lost. With his own heart ruled by guilt, does Francesca even stand a chance?
…Spread your wings and fly.
WAITING FOR THE SUN is part one in a two part duet. Part two, RIDERS ON THE STORM, to follow. Due to mature content, both installments are recommended for readers 18 and up.

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Looking through my notes after reading this book, I’m a little surprised that I don’t have much to get picky on. More than anything, I have a list of things that I liked about the book. For instance, I liked how both the hero and heroine are unintentionally connected by Annie. I liked how the hero could come off as both hot and cold. I liked that there were little texting exchanges to open each chapter. I thought this created a nice balance and gave us some insight and another angle on what was going on. I liked the occasional over reactions when the characters are getting to know each other. Overall, this is a well done book.

I think the author handled the growth and development of this relationship in an extremely smart and strategic way. It wasn’t the classic boy and girl meet, date, have a problem and work it out. There were ups and downs in this relationship. Speed bumps where they needed to slow down and some roadblocks where things stopped all together. I loved how this kept me (and the characters!) guessing as to how, when, and even if things would work out for them in the end.

“I’m asking you to give me the benefit of the doubt,” he says. “I’m asking you to forgive me anyway.”

When I first started I worried that this book might be a bit long, considering I know that a lot of debut authors tend to over describe things, but it actually feels like the perfect length. I’m not left wondering, there’s no holes to fill in and I never felt it drag or lagging in any areas. Plus, with all of the little road bumps that the characters had to face, it helped with the pacing.

Ultimately, there are only a couple of small reasons why I rating this book as a 4.5 instead of a 5 star is because I think there was some inconsistency in relation to Frankie’s character. At the beginning she’s portrayed as an introvert, loner, potentially awkward and even a little demure. Yet the second she met Darian, this all went away and was never to be seen again. Several times in the book this thought kept coming back to me and how she wasn’t acting like someone with those personality traits would generally act or speak. I also didn’t necessarily get those butterflies that I wanted in the beginning. It may have felt a tad forced to me but I think that was just the author working to find her stride, because everything is well rounded as a whole.

I don’t know, this may just be me but there were a few times where I was getting some vibes from this that reminded me a lot of another book. Which is weird, because the storylines are only loosely similar. I think it was more so coming from Darian, but if you’ve read Becoming Mrs. Lockwood by KI Lynn, you might notice a little moment or two.

From the beginning until the very last page, this author did a fantastic job of portraying the character’s emotions. In the prologue, I truly felt how much Darian loved his family. Then towards the ending, when problems started to arise, at one point I honestly felt like I was punched in the gut. I was distraught right along with the characters; I felt their pain. I love when a writer can make these emotions that palpable to the reader.

“Love happens when it happens. Some people fall in love; some people start out that way.”
And some people refuse to love at all.

Speaking of, come on! Was the prologue really necessary (don’t worry, I know it was)? I feel like that’s just cruel. That’s like seeing a mouthwatering chocolate cake and then watching someone drop it down a flight of stairs. Sort of. Okay, not really, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

I’m a sucker for scenes that have music to go with them, and it seems that this playlist is pretty damn spot on. From the songs on it that I know, they worked extremely well and I even found some new ones to listen to! Love when this happens.

And in the interest of keeping everyone happy, I’ll give you a cliffhanger warning. Though it’s not even bad. I’d say like 1.5/5. Or maybe my rating here is because I love cliffhangers where I’m literally dangling from the edge. Anyways, there is more of Frankie and Darian’s story coming, so don’t fret.

Does anyone have chocolate cake?


*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


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