Review: Heartthrob by Willow Winters

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Review: Heartthrob by Willow WintersHeartthrob by Willow Winters
Series: Expose
on August 22, 2017
Genres: Adult, Second Chance Romance
Pages: 227

Nathan Hart is charismatic with a beautiful smile that makes women weak in the knees. A former bad boy with a mysterious past. He was made to be in Hollywood, on the cover of magazines and the star of movies.
He’s what dreams are made of … and tabloid gold.
But there’s more to him that he hasn’t told a soul. Even the gossip columns will never know.
Something that draws me to him unlike anyone has before. Something that could ruin us both. He whispers to play along; he promises it will all be alright.
I can’t tell him no, even if I wanted to. The moment he locked his light blue eyes on me, I was ruined. I never stood a chance. I only pray our pasts don’t rip us apart.
Heartthrob is just one of six scandalous romances from Best Selling Authors. Read all about it in Expose, the gossip column to sink your teeth into. 


This is no blockbuster hit, let me tell you. Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes? I don’t watch award shows, I have no clue which is which, but whichever award goes for TV shows, these characters definitely wouldn’t be winning based on this performance.

*le sigh*

Well, I’m throwing in the towel for reading Willow Winters books. First one I read (this past week) was barely a one star and this is barely getting to a 2 in my books (See what I did there?). Let’s just start with the major issues, shall we?

As a reader, how do you feel about childish, immature characters, zero character development, an underwhelming and underdeveloped plot, and a toxic relationship?

If you do indeed like those things, this is the book for you! If you’re like me and DON’T appreciate those aspects, well, it’s safe to say you may want to pass on this one.

From discrepancies in the timeline to the stupidest fights ever — which occur over nothing at all, mind you — to very little romance and minimal effort put into the relationship by not one but both characters, I’m just fed up with this book. What do you do if you want to know if a character actually wants you? Fight them and push them away to see if they chase you, obviously. #winning. What do you do when you see an ex boyfriend from ten years ago that left you and doesn’t want to talk to you about certain issues that you keep bringing up? Hide, obviously. This is a romance, after all. What do you do when you finally start talking again with said ex, and everything turns into a fight? Sleep with him in your dressing room and be loud enough for everyone to hear, obviously. Wait, let me add one more, this is kind of fun. What do you do when the hero won’t tell you he loves you (does he actually? I have no clue) after you “reconnect” (*cough* start sleeping together) for a few days? Run away because the tabloids say he’s using you, obviously.

Can we just… Stop? I’ve had enough.

The relationship between these two was extremely volatile and toxic in the first place, I don’t understand the reasoning to try and get back together. As kids, volatile. As adults, volatile. This shit is not healthy, folks. Yelling and screaming and refusing to talk with each other, that makes for a good start to a relationship these days, does it? Oh, maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong.

A small detail but annoying nonetheless, but if a book follows a specific timeline, double check the damn timeline. If it starts with “April, 10 years ago” and goes through April, has flashbacks from March and some info from June, that’s all fine and dandy. But then when flashbacks start from “September, 10 years ago”, it is actually eleven years ago, because it is the September previous to the April where the story starts. To smooth this out a little easier: September they started dating, and we’re on and off until April. But there was jumping around and almost showing the teenager side of the relationship in reverse. It felt odd. And for the love of all that is holy, just get the stinking years right. Am I right? Or am I wrong? I could be wrong, but for instance: current date – ten years ago in April would be 2007. For them to have started dating in September, they would’ve started in 2006. So eleven years ago. *Grrr*. Small details folks, we notice them.

*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


About Willow Winters

Willow Winters is so happy to be a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and #1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author. She likes her action hot and her bad boys hotter. She certainly doesn’t hold back on either one in her writing!

Willow started writing after having her little girl, Evie, December 2015. All during her pregnancy with Evie she continued to read and she only wanted to read romance. She was reading a book a day — sometimes two.

In January 2016 Willow was staying up late with Evie and just thinking of all these stories. They came to her constantly so she finally sat down and just started writing. She always wanted to do it so she figured, why not? Today Willow cannot be happier for making that decision!

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