Review: For Forester by J. Nathan

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Review: For Forester by J. NathanFor Forester (For You Book 2) by J. Nathan
Series: For You
on July 19, 2017
Genres: New Adult, Sports Romance
Pages: 199


I'm Alabama's star wide receiver. I've got mad skills on and off the field, and it's no secret I'm heading into the draft after the upcoming season. But I'm home for the summer to make some cash before my senior year. Being back under my parents' roof isn't the ideal situation, but the moment I see Marin, the star of my adolescent fantasies, I know it's about to get interesting. She may not have noticed me back then, but I've got a feeling it's just a matter of time before she lets me turn those fantasies into reality.


The last time I saw Trace Forester he was just a kid tearing up the neighborhood on his skateboard. That was when I was foolish enough to think I had the perfect husband and the perfect life. But now my life is in shambles and Trace is back, all grown up, hot as hell, and exuding major confidence. It would be so easy to fall for his good looks and undeniable charm. So easy to let him into my life. Too bad I learned the hard way that nothing worth having ever comes easy.

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Reading For Finlay, I loved those characters so much and I definitely had a soft spot for Trace Forester so when I found out he was getting book, of course I jumped on it!

As for the relationship aspect of this book, I sorry to be blunt but here it is: I feel like this is just a mask. A lot of pretty words, but no substance behind it. I don’t understand how, why, or where this relationship even came from. Separated from her husband and son in tow, Marin meets Trace (again) and he pursues her. The only start to this relationship is how Trace goes on and on about how frowning up (she’s ten years older than him), Marin used to be his fantasy. He’s great with CJ, sure, and I won’t say that she was in an emotional place and this is the only reason why, but it just felt like such an unlikely couple. I couldn’t grasp what they could actually have in common or where it was all coming from. I felt zero chemistry or attraction from their ‘budding’ romance, just Marin’s inner monologue about how they can’t be together since he’s a teenager and her friends telling her to go for it because he’s hot. After finishing this book, that’s honestly all I got from the beginning.

I threw my hands up. “Oh, great. Now the neighbors are gonna see you sneaking out of my house.”
“Nope. They’ll see me walking out the door in no particular rush. Because I know what I want. It’s you who needs to figure it out.”

So sure it’s cutesy and whatnot (though more cheesy as the story progresses), the first few weeks, but just as I didn’t feel the beginning of the relationship, they were all of a sudden head over heels and I feel like I missed the entire thing. Then Trace goes back to college and (shocker), drama comes knocking from every corner.

Overall it’s a nice read for its escapism factor, but the originality and execution left room for improvement in my eyes. It just felt – my opinion – average, a been there, done that, sort of story. And trust me, I was more than a little upset by this considering how much I loved For Finlay.

“I didn’t want you hurt.”
“Do I look like I need protecting? Because from where I’m standing, all I need is you.”

I will saw though that I liked the little twists and roadblocks that the author used to turn the plot around a bit. Show a different side of the characters, add some drama, ex husband stuff, etc. It was good, but so insanely frustrating at the same time. What happened to characters that speak to each other? An adult that can properly portray words to another adult? When did ignoring people become the new standard? This is the kind of stuff that aggravated me, ESPECIALLY with said drama going on. And no, I’m not talking whatsoever about the college student, I’m looking at the heroine.

I don’t even know how to really end this now. It was a fine read, but I think overall I’m just a bit disappointed. I had such a high bar after first book in this series, I expected that to continue but I guess from these last few paragraphs, you know how I actually feel about it. Always a sad day when this happens, but let’s be honest, if the author decides to make another story in this series (Sabrina??) I’d still most definitely be wanting to read it.


*An ARC was received in exchange for an honest review.


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