Review and Release Blitz: Lessons In Losing It By: Jessica Peterson

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Review and Release Blitz: Lessons In Losing It By: Jessica PetersonLessons In Losing It (Study Abroad Book 4) by Jessica Peterson
on January 1st 1970

I swore I'd keep things platonic with the studly soccer player I met in Madrid...until we ended up naked together on his living room floor #Screwed #PunIntended

Just friends…

That’s all soccer star Fred Ohr wants to be with Rachel Collins, the American student he meets at party in his adopted hometown of Madrid. He’s looking for the real deal—someone who’ll stick around Spain for more than a semester—so he resolves to keep her at arm’s length. Even if she is sexy as hell. Smart. And as crazy about sports as he is.

But friends don’t kiss. They don’t do sleepovers. And they definitely don’t get rug burn from having the best sex ever on the living room carpet.

Fred and Rachel’s connection is instant. Intense. He loves to cook breakfast for her. She loves it when he cooks wearing nothing but his glasses.

Only Rachel’s got a dream internship waiting for her back in the states. And Fred is lining up a contract worth millions to stay in Madrid. They’re playing with fire to keep seeing each other like this. But how can they resist when the sex is so great—really, really freaking great—and the fun they have together is even better?

LESSONS IN LOSING IT is a full-length standalone romance coming to an e-reader near you on June 2, 2017!


We’re back in Madrid bitches and oh how I’ve missed it! I can’t believe I’m here, at the end of the journey with my fellow Madrilena’s. I’ve grown to love each one of these girls, and after finishing Lessons In Letting Go(FYI, my absolute FAV out of the series), I couldn’t wait to uncover Rachel and Fred’s story!

Rachel is nearing the end of her semester abroad. She has 3 more weeks before she heads back to the States and back to her overbearing mother. Rachel has her sights set on going into Sports Medicine. She’s worked her butt off to get a prestigious internship back at Merytan University, an internship that her mother knows nothing about. Her mother thinks that Sport Medicine is a dead end, and not nearly as lucrative as plastic surgery or anesthetics. Yeah, no pressure right? But Rachel want’s more out of her life. She want balance.

This–finding this kind of life–this is what I want. My own version of this kind of contentment. Of balance.

Now, for my favorite character. Fred. **import swoony sounds here** I think Fred is officially my favorite hero by Peterson, and that’s a tough battle to win! He is, in a word, perfectly endearing. Wait, that was two. Fuck it.

As the only son to a single mother, he’s grown up with an extraordinary amount of respect towards women. So much so he decided to wait for true love before giving up his virginity. Yep, that’s right. 22 years old, crazy hot and sexy football player, lover of Bavarian beer and Harry Potter is straight up holding his V-card still.

I want to fall in love before I have sex; fall for someone who will stick around for the long haul. I want to respect the woman I have sex with, and I want her to respect me too. At this point, I ‘ve waited a long time to lose my virginity. Why not lose it to someone special? Someone who really means something to me? I think sex is sacred. It’s important I get it right.

See why he’s my favorite?

Fred just wants to find his person in life. But between playing football and being a major introvert, he hasn’t got out much. Umm, did I mention that he loves Harry Potter too??

And here I am, a virgin who loves wizards and cheap beer.

I mean, who wouldn’t pick this guy!??!

So here we have a guy looking for his soulmate while hiding out in his lonely flat, and a American student that’s leaving to return home in 3 weeks. How is this going to work? By chance. Rachel happens to met Fred at a party that she was invited to by Laura and Rhys(see Lessons in Letting Go AKA My favorite in the series). Fred usually tries to ditch out shortly after the party starts, but he starts chatting to Rachel and can’t believe how much they have in common. After years of loneliness, he can’t believe his luck.

Jesus Christ, Rhys really must be punking me. Not only does Rachel like football and Quidditch- she likes beer, too? I mean, seriously what the hell is going on tonight? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

But things appear too good to be true as Fred realizes that Rachel isn’t looking for anything long term. So they decide to be friends. Desperate to spend more time with Fred, Rachel keeps pushing Fred outside his comfort zone and shows him around the parts of Spain that she has fallen in love with. Their time together only increases their attraction to each other.

Something that I thoroughly enjoyed with LiLI was Fred and Rachel’s chemistry. It was incredibly sexy. Peterson definitely knows how to write lusty scenes!

A flare of heat shoots through me, landing between my legs. His lips move over mine, kissing me, kissing me hard and deep. I feel trapped. Surrounded. Adored. Keep kissing me, I silently beg. Please don’t ever stop kissing me like this.

They both want what they can’t have. But is it worth taking a chance for?

I love the undertone in this book about following your dreams. Most of us identify our futures based on our careers and accomplishments. This is very much the case with Fred and Rachel. But what happens when you’ve accomplished everything that you’ve ever dreamed, but have no one to share it with? Are our dreams only tangible?

I want to be with Rachel. For good. This happening fast, I get it. But a girl like Rachel doesn’t come around that often. A connection like ours is rare. I would know; I’ve been looking for it for years.

No joke, I teared up a bite in this one. The heartache that these two face just touched my heart. But as Walt Disney says, “All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Damn you Walt! You’re going to make me cry again!

You guys! I can’t believe that this it for our Madrilena’s! If you haven’t read the first three books, be sure to check out my reviews! You will not be disappointed!


**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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