Review and Release Blitz: Animal By Marni Mann

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Review and Release Blitz: Animal By Marni MannAnimal by Marni Mann
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on March 10th 2017
Genres: Dark, Dark Romantic Suspense, Erotica
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I captured the guilty.
Locked them inside our prison.
Tortured their bodies and abused their minds.
I had murdered hundreds.
Never recognized one.
Until her face.
Until that scream.
I was hired to take her life.
But first, I had to figure out how she ruined mine.


As soon as I found out that Beard was getting a book a freaked the flip out! After the mind F that was Prisoned, I couldn’t wait to see what Marni would develop for a man with the name Beard. And then came the teasers, and I knew that this book was going to be dark AF!

I’m going to start with discussing the format of Animal. Even though it’s quite similar to Prisoned, I wasn’t expecting the flashbacks from past to present, but what sets them very much apart is who’s doing the narrating. We mainly are dealing with 2 main perspectives: Beard in the present and a girl named Tyler in the past. We know Beard, so let’s talk about Tyler.

Tyler is an 18 y/o college freshman that has nothing and came from nothing. She is alone in this world. Her roommate has everything that she’s ever wanted, but it all came with a cost. The cost was being a member of the Achurdy. It’s a slow process, but we start to learn exactly how the women of the Achurdy gain all their riches, but lose their freedom.

In present Beard is facing his demons. As a guard of his prison, he craves the screams that come from the cells. It fuels his fire. The only time he’s outside of the prison is when he travels back to Miami for some downtime. It’s there that he meets Layla. Layla shows no interest in him other than doing a business deal. Layla’s lover has other interests, mainly Beard. These three begin to have a very complicated and very erotic relationship. But underlying everything, we really start to figure out what the basis of this relationship is about.

We know that these two worlds are going to collide, but figuring out just how is beyond ADDICTING. I couldn’t sleep well while reading this, so I highly suggest reading this in one sitting if possible. My mind was working in overdrive.

To put it simply, this book can get pretty graphic and not just with the sexual content. We see first-hand the type of work Beard does, and if you can’t separate yourself from the description of that, you’re going to struggle reading this. I’m surprised to say that I actually found it incredibly interesting.

I highly suggest buddy reading this with a friend. The reason why is because you will both have different thoughts, different perspectives and very different theories. By the ending I felt like I had figured out who was who, but there were definitely some more surprises along the way. There were plenty of details left unknown, making you wonder why mention them if they weren’t addressed….but just wait.

The Epilogue. Ok, I’ll be honest. I was not happy with the epilogue. I felt that it wasn’t necessary. Why go through all that just to have that happen? There were too many who’s, what, where and why’s? It was a subtle mind F, and one that I wouldn’t have caught on to without a friend that I buddy read with. The epilogue is specifically why I encourage a buddy read. I didn’t see it for myself, what really was being said that wasn’t being said out loud. Once I figured out what the epilogue really alluded to, it was MIND BOGGLING!!!!!!!!! What’s about to come out in the next book has me more intrigued than the first two books!!!!!

**Slow claps Marni Mann** This bitch is messed up a little in the head. She needs a CT scan to make sure everything’s alright up there. But I love her specifically because of that! It’s unbelievable! I really hope that people see the ending for what I saw it for. An opportunity to completely boggle your mother loving mind.


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About Marni Mann

Bestselling author Marni Mann knew she was going to be a writer since middle school. While other girls her age were daydreaming about teenage pop stars, Marni was fantasizing about penning her first novel. She crafts sexy, titillating stories that weave together her love of darkness, mystery, passion, and human emotions. A New Englander at heart, she now lives in Sarasota, Florida, with her husband and their two dogs, who have been characters in her books. When she’s not nose deep in her laptop, working on her next novel, she’s scouring for chocolate, sipping wine, traveling, or devouring fabulous books.

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