Review: American Prince by Sierra Simone

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Review: American Prince by Sierra SimoneAmerican Prince (American Queen Trilogy, #2) by Sierra Simone
Published by Self Published on March 7th 2017
Genres: Dark, Erotica, Modern Fairytale, Romance
Pages: 330

I’ve been many things.
I’ve been a son and a stepbrother. An Army captain and a Vice President.
But only with him am I a prince. His little prince.
Only with Maxen and Greer does my world make sense, only between them can I find peace from the demons that haunt me. But men like me aren’t made to be happy. We don’t deserve it. And I should have known a love as sharp as ours could cut both ways.
My name is Embry Moore and I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States…for now.
This is the story of an American Prince.
***This is the second book in the American Queen Trilogy***



In an instant, he was on me, straddling my thighs, one hand yanking my head back so I had to look up into his face. “Don’t play games with me,” Ash warned in a low voice. “Not tonight. Not after what you did. You don’t even want to know the things I’m thinking about right now.”

I could barely breathe. Pain sang out from my shoulder and hunger sang out from my thickening cock. I was at the mercy of a monster—in the hands of an angry god, as they say—and I’d never felt more alive. It was like kissing his boot, like that first moment I’d been shot at in the trees—the whole world came to life, the forest thrumming and the leaves rustling and my blood and heart all part of this incredible symphony of magic and music that was playing all the time, if only I had the ears to listen. Being with Ash was like my battle high, the fragility of life so apparent, the thrill of surviving it so exhilarating. Surviving him.

“Take it,” I said, my fantasies from all those years ago coming back and making me stir underneath him.

“What?” he asked quietly.

“Take what you’re owed. Take what you deserve for saving my life.”

His lips parted, his eyes hooded, and he pulled my head back even more, exposing my throat. “And what exactly do you owe me?” he asked. “What exactly do I deserve?”

I met his eyes, which were almost black in the dark. “Whatever you want.”

“What I want will have you flat on the ground with tears in your eyes. You think you want to give that to me?”

“No.” I swallowed. “I want you to take it from me.”

He went still.

“Let me thank you,” I begged. “Let me make you feel better. Use me. Use me how you need.”

“Oh, that’s what you want, is it?” he breathed. He leaned in, his thighs on my throbbing erection, and I felt his own, an iron bulge pressing into my stomach. It was massive. He’d tear me apart with it. “You won’t let me have you any other time, not with kisses or love letters, but when you’re bleeding and I’m furious, that’s when you’ll open yourself to me? That’s when I get to have this?”

How could I make him understand? That it had to be like this? That I had to be conquered, not wooed?



4.5 Stars

It’s no secret American Queen by Sierra Simone is one of my favorite erotic romances of all time. I’m drawn to dark, taboo and boundary-pushing romances that break the mold and step all over it and Sierra Simone delivered that in spades with the first book in this intoxicating trilogy. To say I was eager to read American Prince, is a gross understatement. I’ve been stalking Sierra’s social media like a ravenous dog, eager for any scraps from her writerly table. So was American Prince what I craved and longed for?

Yes and no.

Sierra Simone’s signature writing style with it’s myriad literary references and its rich, descriptive language is still present. Every single description is stark and vivid and the countless sex scenes (MM and MFM) are both exciting and so delicious to the senses, they linger and penetrate the mind. So yes, I very much enjoyed this book. I cherished the chance to get Embry’s POV and truly understand his side of the story.

Embry Moore as we know, is the “Little Prince” in this story where Maxen “Ash” Colchester is the President of the United States (and a metaphor for King Arthur), while Greer Galloway gets to be a modern day Guinevere (both a Queen and a “Little Princess” as she is refered to many times). She is a First Lady with a secret. She welcomes both Embry, the Vice President, and her own husband into her bed.

It’s clear there are feelings between these three characters that run deep. But this book does a fine work of explaining everything that happened pre-Greer when it was just Ash and Embry. And boy, is there a lot of history between them. Feelings, emotions, turbulence. This was already alluded to in American Queen, but we get to experience it all here in its full glory.

I loved the scenes during the Carpathian war years when Ash and Embry served together in the front. Not only were these scenes titillating, they were so beautifully written, I can only refer to them as spellbinding. The first time between Embry and Ash, sharing their bodies with each other, was raw and bloody and primal. And this is a theme that continues throughout the entire fourteen years of Embry and Ash’s tumultuous relationship. There is a great deal of sacrifice, pain, love and torment. It’s as prevalent in the pre-Greer years as it is after Greer comes into the picture. It was amazing to experience how the pieces moved towards the opening scenes of American Queen, when Greer gets to meet both Ash and Embry afterwards.

This time around, the book starts with the kidnapping of Greer which occupies the first 20% of the book. I’m glad this scenario wasn’t protracted unnecesarily. After that segment, a myriad of complications ensue. I predicted there would be jealousy and a constant emotional tug of war between these three characters. And there was. There were also external conflicts, political intrigue and evil machinations also tried to split this trio. The ending contains a twist or two I never saw coming. I was elated for the possibilies ahead for the third and last book. I normally spot plot twists a mile away but Sierra did a beautiful job of holding her cards close to her chest until the very end.

I adore this trilogy and I’m addicted to everything about it. It’s one of the most original and well written erotic (actually erotic) series out there. In a sea of mediocre trashy porn romances masquerading as erotica, this is the real deal. This is quality writing with characters that leap from the pages and an atmosphere that heightens the sex scenes so they’re more than just insert tab A into slot B.

I only have a couple of minor qualms. Embry’s self-deprecation through large portions of this book is one of them. He seems caught in a web of low self-esteem that makes him think of himself as fundamentally flawed. It made me wonder if his submissive relationship towards Ash, who is both a dominant and a sadist, isn’t born not just out of fated love and admiration but out his a desire for punishment. Does he seek Ash’s strong, brusing discipline out of a self-destructive streak? Does he punish himself by loving a man that is always fundamentally out of reach? I would hope that Embry’s dark self-image isn’t the real reason he’s so drawn to Ash.

Menage romances are always a tricky proposition, both when dealing with MMF and MFM. It’s hard to buy into the idea that feelings are perfectly reciprocated all around in equal portions. Unfortunately, American Prince does give the sensation at times, that Greer may just be another “obstacle”, (even if it’s a beloved one), in this long passionate affair between Embry and Ash that spans so many years. After finding out everything that goes on between them, the way they are with each other alone, Greer feels almost insubstantial at times. Sierra tries hard to establish how much Embry and Ash both love Greer but it always pales in comparison to everything between both men. So in essence we have Merlin, Morgan, Jenny, Abilene… Melwas and Embry’s own hang-ups… coming between them and now also Greer, in a way. Ash has always been unabashedly devoted to Embry after all, willing to give everything up for him and it’s only after Embry’s continued retreats that he’s forced to let other people into their lives.

But this is just a minor qualm because these books are spectacular. I’m sure the final installment will blow my mind. I have faith in this author’s ability to awe and seduce me. I’d highly recommend this series to virtually everyone. It’s just such a well done modern fairy tale and so rich and provocative it deserves to be devoured and reread.

4.5 stars







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