Perry’s Favorite Reads of 2016

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This is it! The year is ending and a new one is knocking at our door, promising fresh new reads and many more book boyfriends. I think we can all agree that 2016 was one hell of a strange year, with so much craziness going on in this world. We got blindsided so many times, 2016 itself became a meme. How many times have we listened to or uttered the words “eff 2016”? Having said that, the book world still produced many books that I feel privileged to have read, many of which have gone to consolidate themselves among my favorite reads of all time. I’m the black sheep of the Sisterhood. I only read about 36 books, not counting DNFs so I’m not exactly what can be classed as a power reader. The start of the year found me in one of the longest, most debilitating reading slumps ever. But, thankfully, things started picking up in July and I was glad to be back in reading’s good graces.

Favorite 2016 Reads

No. 6 – Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas is one of my favorite authors. From the moment she published the extremely well known smash hit Bully, I had an eye out for her. Her 2016 releases only cemented my admiration for her. This author has a remarkable ability to capture the best atmospheric qualities of a story, be it an angsty YA read like this one or an erotic adult romance. This book is set in the same world as one of my favorite dark erotic romances, Corrupt, also by her (more on that book later) and this only added to its appeal. Featuring cameos by some of my favorite characters, an intricate and powerful story with a message fit for every teen, this one had all the makings of a winner. It was one of my most anticipated books of 2016 and it delivered in full!

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No. 5 – Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

By far the hottest, most incendiary book of the year for me. This book was everything delicious I could have possibly wanted in a dark romance. Not for the faint of heart, this book explores the coming for age and sexual awakening of Rika at the hands of the Four Horsemen, some of the richest, most decadent members of Thunder Bay  (don’t worry, there is a defined hero, it’s not all for one). Even though there is a monogamous relationship at the center of this story, there is a certain instance of sharing that may land this one firmly outside the comfort zone of many, so I’d always attach a disclaimer to this book. But if you’re up for a wild ride with some of the sexiest, most sinister characters I’ve had the pleasure to encounter in my life, you have to pick this up. The sequel, featuring Kai is by far my most awaited release of 2017 (spring).

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No. 4 – It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Yes! I had to include this beautiful masterpiece of a book in my list. It seems like this book has been everywhere this year and there’s a reason why. It even won the Best Romance category in the Goodreads awards. In many ways, I feel like this book was a feminist cry in a year where women’s rights have been perceived to suffer blow after blow. This was a topic of worldwide heated debate so it makes sense that it would filter into our fiction. The title of this book is powerful, it’s a statement of strength and courage. I said in my review that this book should be required reading for every woman and young girl and I still stand for that belief. Colleen writes with such simplicity but such purpose that it’s difficult to remain unmoved. The new year arrives with her at the very top of the romance genre as pretty much the established queen.

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No. 3 – RoomHate by Penelope Ward

This book was one of the most popular releases of 2016 and for good reason. I admit this was a funny one. It started out with a bang but before long, a series of not too hot scenes and developments had me firmly thinking that I was going to end up hating this book. And then somehow, despite my many grievances with the plot and the characters, the story started grabbing a hold of me. By the time I was done, I was blown away. I realized how much of a romantic journey I’d been a part of. This story is sweet, sexy and heartwarming, and somehow, so very real. In the end, all I can say is that this book is a lot better than the sum of all its parts. There is something endearing in the simplicity of Penelope Ward’s writing. It’s been many weeks and I still think about this story from time to time.

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No. 2 – Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Oh my God… this book. I’m sure a lot of people run away from it because of the “sciency” aspect of it. All I can say is I’m tremendously sorry they are missing out. Yes, there’s an element of science fiction to it, but it’s never boring. In fact, it offers the perfect vehicle to explore the epic nature of love and the lengths to which a man will go for the love of his life. This book was suspenseful, edgy, different, fast-paced, a completely and utterly thrilling ride. Once I started I could NOT put it down. I was blown away chapter after chapter until the thoroughly cinematic conclusion. Keep an eye out for the movie adaptation. I hope it’s as amazing and spellbinding as this book.

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No. 1 – From Sand And Ash by Amy Harmon

I have no words to describe the powerful, emotional feelings elicited by this one. It also saddens me that because of the subject matter (same case as with Dark Matter, above) a lot of romance readers will end up missing out on it. I admit it’s not easy to read a book about the Holocaust. It does require a certain mood and mindset, but by God, I hope that people find their way to this one because it’s quite frankly, epic. Angelo and Eva are forever unforgettable to me, and will always remain one of the most epic couples in the book world. This one edged out Dark Matter by a slim margin but ultimately, I must say that as romance novel, this book was literal perfection. It was my first Amy Harmon book and it will certainly not be my last.

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There you have it, folks. Those are my top 6 reads of this year. It’s a much shorter list than that of my co-bloggers but these are books that I can vouch for with all the certainty in my bookish heart. Happy New Year and may 2017 bring us many more incredible reads.


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