Quinn’s Favorite Books of 2016!!

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2016 was an AMAZING reading year for me! I feel so incredibly blessed because this year brought me into this amazing group of ladies that share my love for reading. It all started in January when I started reading Corrupt by Pen Douglas. I was FREAKING out over that book and I reached out on a book group on Facebook. I started chatting back and forth with another member and found myself Facebook stalking her to message her personally. That member is my fellow Sister, Shannon. And thus started this crazy journey that has led me to read 113 books this year. Half of which were most likely recommended by Shannon herself and several have made it onto this list. So let’s get started!




This book started so many things for me. It was my first dip into Dark Romance and I never looked back! I have read almost everything by Pen Douglas this year just because of this book. If you haven’t read this yet, you need to pick it up NOW!!!! It is amazing!

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This was my first book by Sarina Bowen and it touched me completely! As an Occupational Therapist, I felt like Sarina did an AMAZING job writing a character living with a spinal cord injury. So heartfelt. I loved this entire series!

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This book opened my world to the amazingness that is TILLIE FREAKING COLE!!!! She became an insta-buy author for me. I struggled picking which book I loved the most of this series because each book was simply perfection. This is by far the most diverse series that I have ever read.

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Hey, no one said that I couldn’t have Tillie Cole on here twice! That is just how amazing she is. This book. Honestly, I kind of hated it…. I hated it because it made me feel SO DAMN MUCH. I cried SO DAMN MUCH. Shannon and I buddy read this, thank GOD. I needed someone to hold my hand during this journey because it took so much of my soul. It was incredibly beautiful and deserves to be on this list.

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This book. This author. My top read of the year.

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SAM YOUNG!!!! I love her! Another insta-buy author of mine. I devoured this book. It’s incredibly romantic and this series is destined to be one of my favorites. I can’t wait to continue with it in 2017!


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So if I had it my way, every single one of the Fall Away books would be on here. But I’m not in charge around here. And that’s probably a good thing. This series: SCORCHING!!!! Holy hell. Pen Douglas does not disappoint. If you love a broken man, look no further. But Jax was my Kryptonite and therefore I’ve got to go with Falling Away.

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So there’s a very important lesson that I learned in 2016. When Shannon recommends a book, YOU READ IT. The Wingman’s Inc series is a perfect example of that! EVERYONE needs to read this series! It is hilarious and just plain awesome. And if you haven’t checked out the live action e-books, you better hold on to your panties….

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Jessica Peterson was a “new to me” author and has quickly made it up to the top of my list! This series was once again suggested by Shannon and she has now made me an addict to this series! These are must reads!!!

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WHAT?!?! ANOTHER TILLIE FREAKING COLE BOOK!?!?!! Yes, bitches, another Tillie Freaking Cole book. WHY!?!!? Because she’s Tillie Freaking Cole. This. BOOK. So romantic, so beautiful, so deep. Read it.


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