Review: Sweetness by Sierra Hill

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Review: Sweetness by Sierra HillSweetness by Sierra Hill
Series: The Sweetest Thing #1
Published by Ten28 Publishing on July 24, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Sports Romance
Pages: 244
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I’m the girl from the school of hard knocks.
Nothing has ever come easy for me. So forgive me if I’m a bit reluctant about Kincaid Griffin – born-with-a-silver-spoon in his mouth, conceited college hoops player. A guy who could get any girl he wants, and yet, is suddenly everywhere I am trying to woo me. The more I protest, the more persistent he becomes.
I’m a lucky bastard.
Let’s face it. As a college athlete, I don’t chase girls – they come to me. I’m as arrogant and cocky as they come, getting nearly everything I want, whenever I want. But there is nothing sweeter than a girl who plays hard to get. And Ainsley Locker is so full of confidence that she knocks me off my feet from the moment I meet her. She’s a challenge. And I like challenges. So I go full-court press to win her over.
But when a stupid mistake turns viral, slam dunking all over my life in a media frenzy, my spot on the team may be in jeopardy, along with my shot at winning the girl.

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Even though this story is a longer one (in terms of kindle locations), I’m happy to say that it reads quickly. I don’t have a ton of extra time these days to read so a book that can grab my attention and keep me flipping pages is definitely a bonus. There may have been a time or two where I found the story to drag, but it would then swiftly pick back up again. For the most part, reading Sweetness is smooth sailing.

I’m usually a fan of cliches, but only when used properly and with a light hand. I found too often during Sweetness, especially the farther the story went, that more and more cliches followed. It seemed to be a culmination of all those average New Adult sport books out these days. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but had a lot of cliches and on the line of being too cheesy at times.

“With you, I can do anything. You’re the air I breathe.”

Something that I was a little confused about has to deal with the shift in attraction between characters; it was so sudden. Cade was always interested in Ainsley – he chased her, it was obvious from the get go. But Ainsley, even though she thought Cade was cute, refused to put up with him. She didn’t want him around, didn’t have time for distractions, boys, or especially arrogant jocks, so she kept turning him down. Until at one point, she reluctantly goes to his party and is all of a sudden so interested in him, wants to be with him, can’t get enough of him, etc. I just found this odd how it could go from one extreme to another so fast.

I really appreciated the roles of the secondary characters. Not only did they help add to the story line and give us a better understanding of each main character, but they were also loyal, respectful, and always wanted these two to succeed. They gave excellent advice, persuaded and got both Ainsley and Cade to where they needed to be so they could be in each other’s lives.

“This isn’t how I planned on spending my only night off this week. But when you’re pressured by your best friend and a very large, loveable giant, you don’t have many other options.”

The writing started off strong but as the book went on, it lapsed. Especially near the ending I found it to be closer to elementary and at times, juvenile. This was a disappointment since I enjoyed how it started and felt the author held promise.

Let’s talk about story line and plot. For the most part, it made sense and I found it to be quite straight forward. Predictable, but straight forward. What I wasn’t a huge fan of however was how whenever there was a hole in the storyline, the author would throw in drama or a mystery/clues about a secondary character. I get that this is to open up the possibilities for a series in the future, but I want to focus on the couple at hand, not try to figure out what might be happening with the others. Overall there were a few scenes and characters that ultimately didn’t need to be included. They didn’t add to the story, character, or relationship development and I couldn’t figure out why they might be there. At the end, I had a few questions left unanswered about the main couple, so hopefully the author has plans to tie those up in additional novels. Why she didn’t do it here, I’m not sure, but nevertheless, Sweetness did have a complete ending.

My final thoughts on Sweetness are this: yes it deals with responsibility and some heavier issues, but I found it to be on the lighter side. It’s an easy and quick read. I didn’t really connect with the characters but was still interested enough to see how their story played out. I’d love to read a following novel about Mica and Lance, so hopefully we’ll get to see that at some point in the future! Sweetness, for me, is a solid 3 stars. At this time, and comparing it to what I’ve read recently, I just can’t justify anything higher than that.


*An ARC was received from the author and Enticing Journey Book Promotions for an honest review.






About Sierra Hill

Since writing and publishing her first book in 2014, Sierra Hill has found her creative passion in writing about the fictional characters that live in her brain, who are constantly shouting for their own love stories to be told.

Sierra frequently indulges in what some might consider to be an unhealthy dose of reading, dark chocolate candy, and way too much coffee. She hates cold weather, and frequently finds herself traveling around the country to see her favorite live musicians in concert.

Sierra resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of twenty years and her long-haired, German Shepherd. She is currently working on her next book.

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