Review: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

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Review: Moonshot by Alessandra TorreMoonshot by Alessandra Torre
on July 4th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Forbidden, New Adult, Second Chance Romance, Sports Romance
Pages: 250
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Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death…

The summer that Chase Stern entered my life, I was seventeen. The daughter of a legend, the Yankees were my family, their stadium my home, their dugout my workplace. My focus was on the game.

Chase... he started out as a distraction. A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame. A distraction who played like a god and partied like a devil.

I tried to stay away. I couldn’t.

Then, the team started losing.

Women started dying.

And everything in my world broke apart.




Moonshot. They say the term comes from Wally Moon, a player from the fifties, who hit bombers that the local press dubbed ‘moonshots.’

“Look to the moon when you swing,” … “That’s what you want. A ball that disappears into it. One that goes to the moon and past. A moonshot.”


I went into this book with no expectations, and the book just blew me away! It’s like everything I love combined into one awesome book! This is a sports romance, a second chance romance and a forbidden romance all in one. There’s also a murder mystery going on that will keep you guessing right until the very end. Oh, and baseball! And the Yankees! So yes, this was a gift from the heavens for me since you know I’m a huge sports nerd and a sucker for second chance romances.


The heroine, Ty, lives a rather unconventional life. Her mom dies when she’s 7 and she’s left in the care of her dad. Her dad is a famous MLB closer and he decides to take her with him on the road. So, she grows up in ballparks and around baseball players. The story is divided in two major parts and there’s a few time jumps. The first part of the book takes place during the 2011 baseball season and Ty is 17, almost 18. She’s been on the road with her dad for years, and now she’s a bat girl for the Yankees. She lives for the pinstripes, the game and takes her job extremely serious. Since it has been her dad and her for the majority of her life, they have an amazing relationship.


“And from then on, spikes first had been our code. Our mantra in life, the thought that you dove full force into confrontation, damn the repercussions to others, should they be too dumb to move out of the way. Sometimes you made it there safely. Sometimes you didn’t, the enormous effort a waste. But if you had the opening, you had to try.”


Chase Stern is the hero of the story, he’s a super hot, super talented young player but he’s a little out of control in his personal life. Because of his antics, he gets traded to the Yankees but he sees it as an opportunity to excel because playing for the pinstripes has been his lifelong dream.


“Life is a series of stupid decisions interrupted by luck.”


When Chase and Ty meet, sparks fly. It’s not even funny, their attraction is obvious and their chemistry is amazing! There’s a few problems though, Ty is 17, 5 years younger than Chase, and she’s his teammate’s daughter, which is even worse. They both fight their feelings, for a bit, but they just can’t help but falling for each other, so they start a secret relationship.


“He couldn’t. Never again, not with anyone else. Nothing would ever, after that moment, compare. Not with her cry, not with her reaction, not with her kiss. A woman shouldn’t be created in such heartbreakingly beautiful combinations. A woman shouldn’t, in fifteen minutes, have the ability to ruin him for life.”


I loved that part of the story a lot. Their love was so beautiful, and pure. First love at its best.


“It’s not easy to answer. I love you because you look at me and see more than just a baseball player.”

“I love you because your smile does something to my heart. I love you because when I see you, I can’t stop staring at you. And when you’re away from me, I can’t stop thinking about you. I love you because right now, there’s nothing more tempting in life than to pull you on top of me and push inside of you. And I love you because you’re the first woman on Earth who I’ve wanted to wait for. Who I’ve treasured enough to be patient. I could wait a hundred years for you because the thought of doing anything that brings you pain makes my heart break. You are the most complex woman I have ever met.”

 I made a face, and he shushed me. “I’m serious. You are like a guy in so many ways—the way you call me out, the things you know, the way you swear, the arm on you that would put a hundred recruits to shame … you’re my best friend, Ty. And I haven’t had a best friend in a really long time. But…” He shook his head. “You’re also the most feminine creature on Earth.” He ran his fingers slowly down my side, over my hip, his fingers spreading as he placed a warm palm against my skin. “Your face, your body—the way you laugh, how you smell—hell, just the way you walk. It’s intoxicating.”


See??? Ridiculously swoony! Anyways, their love was beautiful, pure and swoony, until it wasn’t. A series of bad decisions made in the past, came back to haunt them and sadly, they’re forced apart. I have to confess that I was super mad at Ty, she’s so naïve, about everything. I also can’t blame her, cause well, she was very young and stupid.


“True Love didn’t give up because of a hiccup. Or a trade. True Love stood together and fought. But I wasn’t fighting. I was being, in the worst way imaginable, like every emotional girl I had always ridiculed. And I couldn’t seem to find a way to stop. I couldn’t find the energy to call him again. I couldn’t find the strength to meet my father’s eyes and tell him the truth.”


“With every single play, I thought of him.

With every single play, I died a little more.”


The story jumps to four years later and the 2015 season. Both Ty’s and Chase’s lives have changed a lot, especially Ty’s. She’s not the same person she was and her circumstances are totally different. One thing that has not changed is the love that Chase and Ty have for each other. When their paths cross again, that fire is still very much there, alive and burning. And the angst is off the charts!


“First loves were supposed to be flimsy and temperamental. They were supposed to burn bright and fade fast. They weren’t supposed to stick. They weren’t supposed to eat away at a man’s heart, his capacity for life.”


“There was right, there was wrong, and there was love. And love trumped it all.”


There’s only one problem, their love is as forbidden as it was before. Oh, and there’s also a killer on the loose and Ty might be in danger. But back to the forbidden aspect. It would be a disservice to my readers if I don’t address the big elephant in the room. There is definitely cheating on this book.  View Spoiler »   I have mixed feelings when  it comes to cheating. I’m not a huge advocate for it, but it also doesn’t bother me when it fits into the story. So when cheating shows up, I always look at it on a book by book basis. And I loved the book so I’m perfectly ok with how everything goes down. But then again, I know that’s a hard limit for some of you, so you are warned.


In my mind, there’s no doubt Ty and Chase belong together. And OMG Chase, he’s just the most amazing man ever.


“What do you want from me?” His eyes softened, his mouth, when it pressed to me, gentle and soft, a plea of lips against a weak soul. “Everything. I want a life with you. I want to be the father of your children. I want every second we missed and a million more. And I’ll give away the world to get it.”


Overall, this is an amazing book. I couldn’t stop reading, I was so hooked. I’ve reached the conclusion that Alessandra Torre can pretty much write any book and I will read it, she’s so talented and so diverse. All the aspects of the book are executed so well, her writing beautiful and her attention to detail on point. I also love the way the story is organized and the dual first/third person POV. I was also super hooked to the murder mystery aspect, it kept me guessing and I was so wrong, lol. I seriously got all the feels while reading this one and it is without a doubt one of the best sports romances I’ve read. And one of my favorite books this year!


“Certain loves can’t be fought. The harder you tried, the harder you would be knocked back, over and over again, until it beat you into submission, until your heart caved and body surrendered. Love like that didn’t know the rules of society; it didn’t care about life mistakes. It only knew what must be, and what would happen—no matter what.”




**An ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**







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