Review: Everything by Erin Noelle

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Review: Everything by Erin NoelleEverything by Erin Noelle
on June 23rd 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Music was part of my DNA, pumping hard through my veins, resonating deep within my bones. Not surprising, considering my dad was a global rock star and my mom had the voice of a fallen angel.

With my twin sister by my side in our indie-rock duo, Singed Wings, we were ready to finally see our name in lights when we opened for the hottest act to sell out stadiums – Jobu’s Rum Summer Reunion Tour.
The life I’d always wanted was finally within my reach. All I had left to do was finish out my last semester of high school.

But there was one problem: Ms. Sloan, the new art history teacher.
The same Ms. Sloan I’d met as Belle, the sexy little pixie who’d captivated me at a New Year’s Eve concert last year.
The same Ms. Sloan who’d owned nearly every one of my thoughts since that night.

The same Ms. Sloan whose class I was in danger of failing.
With my dream gig dangling just on the other side of that cap and gown, all of my focus should’ve been on my school work and improving my music as I prepared for my big shot to rock the world…
But I never expected her to rock mine first… and to change everything.
Everything is a standalone novel. It is a spin-off from the Book Boyfriend Series.



Full disclosure, I don’t like student/teacher books. They never really appealed to me, like at all…until now. I had every intention of  into this one fairly blind and then I made the mistake of looking up the blurb and I was like, “Ah crap!” Not only is it a student/teacher but he’s a virgin rocker too!?!??! I admit that I was not only pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the story but that it just worked. EVERYTHING just worked. See what I did there?

Everett is a virgin rocker who has a very hot and heavy session with Belle at his family’s bar.  They’re interrupted and that was that, or so he thought. Belle is adjusting to her single life and a new teaching position and everything changes for both of them when they realize who and what they are to each other. The angst level was just enough and realistic.  Everything running through Belle’s mind would probably have been the same as mine had I been in her shoes. Everett is persistent and I loved his “I don’t care what others think” attitude.  Everett and Belle are great together and I loved how they grew.

Erin did a fantastic job of telling their somewhat complicated story. It was believable and done well. Apparently, we meet Everett’s parents in Erin’s Book Boyfriend series, which I have yet to read and just got bumped up on my TBR. There was just enough mental push and pull to keep me turning the pages. My mind has definitely been changed on student/teacher books. I also love the fact that Erin dives head first into such a taboo subject, a younger man with an older woman. Erin Noelle has popped many a cherry for me, take MILF for example, and now with a virginal rocker who falls for his teacher. This book was full of win and you really can’t go wrong with her books.



**An ARC was generously provided by the author and TRSOR in exchange for an honest review**


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About Erin Noelle

Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and three fur babies. When she’s not reading or writing romance novels, she enjoys winning at cards and board games, awkward people-watching in public places, and doing cartwheels at the most random times. She’s usually barefoot, is never without a song in her head, and currently holds the title of World’s Best Procrastinator.

Her titles published include the Book Boyfriend Series, Dusk ‘Til Dawn Series, Luminous Duet, Fire on the Mountain series, and numerous standalone books that range from New Adult to Contemporary romance. Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list as well as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100.

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