Review: Steady as the Snow Falls by Lindy Zart

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Review: Steady as the Snow Falls by Lindy ZartSteady as the Snow Falls by Lindy Zart
on April 18, 2016
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Hired by a stranger to write his life story, Beth Lambert arrives at a seemingly abandoned house in the hills near her hometown. She knows the rumors, she knows it is dangerous and unwise. But she needs the money. And she needs to prove that it isn’t a mistake to think she can make a career out of a dream.

Inside the house of emptiness and coldness, she finds a man with curt words and haunted eyes. He is eccentric, odd. Brutish, even. He scares her, and he intrigues her. When she learns who he is, she wants to run. But there is the money, and there is the dream, and eventually, there is simply Harrison Caldwell. The haunted man with the black, ugly truth.


I finished reading this book a few days ago and since then I’ve been struggling to find words that could make this book justice. This book is simply beautiful, gorgeous even. Now this is my first Lindy Zart book, my blog partner Shannon is a huge fan so I decided to give it a try. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant because I’m normally too sarcastic and Miss Zart has a reputation for writing tear jerkers so I normally try to stay away, but this was so worth it. It definitely won’t be my last Lindy Zart experience.


I read this completely blind. I had a vague idea of the blurb but I didn’t read anything else about it or any other reviews. I didn’t want to be spoiled. So I will keep this as spoiler free as possible. Beth Lambert has been hired by Harrison Caldwell to write his life story. Harrison is a recluse and has confined himself to a life of loneliness for a very particular reason. And Beth has no idea who he is, what he used to do in his former life or why would he want her to write this book. Through the process of writing this book, Beth and Harrison find love when they least expected it.


“Maybe he had to break to see that he could let her in through the cracks. Beth could fill the holes. She could patch him up with her light.”


Since the first moment, you feel a strong connection between Beth and Harrison. At first, the story had a certain Beauty and the Beast feel to it and then once you begin to peel the layers of the characters, you realize that this book is so much more.


“His life was not a lie, but a truth. Harrison’s confession was not a weakness, like he believed. His breakdown was not something to feel shame over. It made him stronger to Beth, because even the strongest of individuals fell at times. What made them strong was that they got back up, every time.”


Through their journey, Beth and Harrison both become FREE. Beth is finally free to spread her wings and Harrison is finally free of his demons.


“A sick man and a wounded woman, both restored in the presence of one another’s brokenness.”


This book deals with some very heavy subjects, there’s a huge elephant in the room but everything is handled so well by the author. The story is definitely unique and original, and that to me is so refreshing. That to me is one of the reasons why I blog, to find these unique gems of books that no one is talking about.


“You make me want to be reckless. You make me want to be everything I never knew I could be.”


From the moment I started reading, I was hooked. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to know more. I needed to know how it would end. This book made me feel so much. I so full of hope. It’s so full of LOVE. The love is so true, and so deep. These characters will stay with you for a while after you’re done. The book is written in 3rd person POV and it reads like poetry of the best kind, it’s simply gorgeous.


““I love you,” he whispered again. The truth was more likely to be whispered than shouted.”


Steady as the Snow Falls is definitely one of my favorite books this year and an amazing, powerful read. Beautiful unique story, strong characters and gorgeous writing, make this a must read for every romance fan. I absolutely recommend this book!


“He was all the stars, and all the galaxies, and everything beyond; held in the hand of all the words. Secret rooms, unknown floors, whispered passages. Beth wanted to discover them all.”


**An ARC was generously provided in exchange for an honest review**



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