Review: Desire in the Everglades by Stacy Hoff

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Review: Desire in the Everglades by Stacy HoffDesire in the Everglades by Stacy Hoff
Series: Desire in the Everglades #1
Published by Soul Mate Publishing on September 17th 2014
Pages: 236
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Stephanie Lang’s successful career as a television producer can’t give her everything she wants out of life. Her personal goals of writing a romance novel and finding true love languish. Emotionally scarred by her fiancé’s affair with her cousin, she doesn’t have the confidence to go after either goal again. At least she has professional confidence to fall back on; she is ready to produce the company’s next hit show.
But when her boss reveals what the show is about, a survival documentary starring a sexy, modern version of Crocodile Dundee, Stephanie’s life is turned upside down.

Colin Brandt, billed as “The Evergladiator,” will tackle Florida’s Everglades with nothing more than his bare hands and a knife. Stephanie, instantly attracted to handsome, rugged, enigmatic Colin, worries he will not survive his twelve-day odyssey. If he does, he’ll win a million dollars. If he fails, his beloved family’s farm will go into foreclosure. Can Colin conquer the Everglades? And can he conquer her heart?

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This was my first book by Stacy and I have to say that I enjoyed it. The plot line was definitely different and fresh.  I love when a book throws me into the atmosphere.  There are books that I’ve read that don’t allow me to do that, which is a good thing too.  It’s like your the outsider looking in.  Stacy’s descriptions of the Everglades were SO good that I felt the humidity here, sounds silly, I know but true.  I felt like *I* was right there, experiencing everything.  I’m also not a very “outdoorsy” kind of girl.  This book kind of made me want to be one.

So, in this book we meet Stephanie Lang, a television producer who tags long with Colin Brandt, the “Evergladiator.” Stephanie is definitely an urban girl, but holds her own.  It was actually really cute when she would save face and tell Colin that she was fine in a situation but was in fact, scared shitless.  In a very action packed scene, I must say that she did hold her own and proved that a city girl can handle the outdoors.   Colin, is definitely strong and determined because of the prize money, but at the same time, he’s soft when it came to Stephanie.  I felt bad that he not only had to take care of himself but had to watch out for Stephanie as well, but like Stephanie, Colin gets the job done.

This book also let’s you get a feel for what goes on behind the scenes of a reality show.  Again, plot and scenery was different and fresh. The book had a fairly steady pace, I felt some things were a little rushed towards the end but I really enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading more from this author.


About Stacy Hoff

Stacy Hoff is a writer, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night while her husband and two boys are fast asleep.

Her debut contemporary romance novel, DESIRE IN THE EVERGLADES, was nominated as a “Rising Star” by BTS e-mag for the 2015 Red Carpet awards. The release date for the sequel, DESIRE IN THE ARCTIC, is February 3, 2016.

The stand-alone contemporary romance novel, “Lawfully Yours,” was released March, 11, 2015.

All of the above books are published by Soul Mate Publishing, Inc.

Additionally, Stacy Hoff has stories appearing in two anthologies. “Love Delights,” a contemporary romance short story that revolves around Valentine’s Day, is in the romance box set “Season of Love.” Stacy’s full-length, new adult, dark romance, “Art and Seduction,” is in the anthology “Hot Seduction–Six Sizzling Tales.”

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