Review and Release Blitz: The Consummation by Lauren Rowe

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Review and Release Blitz: The Consummation by Lauren RoweThe Consummation: Josh and Kat Part III by Lauren Rowe
Series: The Club #7
Published by SoCoRo Publishing on January 19th, 2016
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Josh Faraday is used to getting what he wants. And what he wants is her.
The Playboy and The Party Girl with a Hyphen, Josh and Kat from the bestselling The Club series, tell their love story in a scorching new trilogy: The Infatuation, The Revelation, and The Consummation. Whoever said love is patient and kind has never met hell-on-wheels, Kat Morgan.
Readers are advised to read the bestselling books of The Club Series in order before reading Josh and Kat's trilogy:The Club (The Club #1)The Reclamation (The Club #2)The Redemption (The Club #3)The Culmination (The Club #4)
Find out why readers have made The Club an Amazon #1 bestseller in three categories: Romantic Suspense, New Adult and Romantic Erotica!
*Readers 18+ due to extremely graphic language and adult situations.

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Where do I even begin??? This book was my favorite of their 3 books. I laughed so much with their series but especially  with The Consummation. It took me a while to read this book, because I wanted to savor it like a glass of Uncle William’s finest scotch. I didn’t want it to be over. I’m not ready to say goodbye to everyone.


The way Josh grew in this book was amazing. He truly became the man he was meant to be and it was beautiful to watch him in moments where everything seemed to click. Kat is still amazing and fierce. I love her so much! I think what I loved the most was watching Jonas and Josh’s relationship. I don’t think we got alot of that with Jonas’ books and I truly loved to watch them together. Chapter 26 and 27 had me bawling like a baby! Everything was just so incredibly beautiful. Thank you Lauren, for giving us that scene. I absolutely love Josh and Kat but my heart belongs to Jonas and Sarah. Josh and Kat were like my fun awesome best friends and I’m so happy I got to read their story, but Jonas is it for me. A little more about that in a minute!


Lauren, this next part is just for you. It’s my love letter to you.

First, I want to say how proud I am of you lady! You have written and published 8 books in the last year *starts a slow clap* That is truly amazing! Second, I want to say thank you for writing these books. You have brought me so much joy by getting to know all of your characters. Thirdly, Thank you for giving us Jonas Faraday. By you giving us him, I have learned to love Greek mythology, Plato and Aristotle, how wonderful the alphabet can be and a new appreciation for monkeys! Sarah and Jonas’ love taught me things. Jonas made me stop and look at my life. Plato’s Theory of Forms, really touched me and made me open up my eyes. Seriously…. that shit blew my mind! I also want to thank you for your friendship. You are truly an amazing person with such a huge heart. You are genuine and love life! You are so positive and it rubs off on people, I can promise you that!

I’m not ready to say goodbye to these characters!!!! I really think Henny and Hannah Banana need a book! Atleast a novella *winky face*  I just want to say thank you again for all that you do for us and thank you for giving us these characters. No matter how many books I read Jonas and Josh Faraday will be at the top of my list and Sarah and Kat will be at the top of my girl crush list! I can’t wait to see what you have planned next! BUT after a well deserved break. *finishes with a fast clap*


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About Lauren Rowe

Lauren Rowe is the pen name of a USA TODAY best-selling author and award-winning singer-songwriter who decided to use an alter ego in writing THE CLUB TRILOGY to ensure she didn’t hold back in writing the story. (And she didn’t.) Lauren lives in San Diego, California where she performs with her band, writes, and hangs out with her family and friends.

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