Review: Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarry

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Review: Chasing Impossible by Katie McGarryChasing Impossible by Katie McGarry
on July 1st 2015
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 298

Tough and independent, 17-year-old Abby lets very few people into her inner circle. It’s common knowledge in her Kentucky town that she deals drugs, but not even her closest friends know why. But when a deal goes south and Abby’s suddenly in danger, she finds herself reluctantly forced to lean on daredevil Logan—a boy whose restless spirit matches her own.
Logan has his own reasons for wanting to keep Abby at arms’ length. But he never expected to find in her the one person who might help him face the demons he’s tried so hard to run from.
Together, Abby and Logan will have to make a decision: let their current circumstances weigh them down forever…or fight for the future they both thought was impossible.

There has been a lot of speculation over who Abby’s hero would be. The grand debate: Ethan vs Logan. I for one am so incredibly happy that it’s Logan. I loved the chemistry they had in the past and think they’re great characters for each other. In the previous books, Abby had rubbed me the wrong way and I didn’t know how to take her character, she was shady. No one could get a handle on her and Chasing Impossible does just that. Not knowing a whole lot of what to expect from this book, it’s safe to say it has risen above the others and is by far my new personal favourite! Everything you could want in book: sweetness, anger, hurt, betrayal, passion, love, independence, family and healing are all addressed between these covers.

Be still my beating heart, Logan is everything I could ever want in a book boyfriend! He’s wild and passionate, sweet and reckless. He knows what he wants and he goes for it time and time again. He refuses to apologize for who he is, and is as loyal as they can come. I love love loved how he stuck by Abby even when she was determined to push him away and did everything he could to help her with her struggles. He’s swoon worthy to the max and could simultaneously pull at your heart strings. Perfect character for a perfect book, on an impossible journey.

She’s holding me, I’m holding her, and when she opens her eyes and I see the love pouring from her, I know that this can’t be the last time I ever lie beside her. People like Abby and I, we’re once in a lifetime and I’m not going to let this go…not without a fight.”

Abby has without a doubt become my favourite heroine of this series. She witty, strong, independent and had more street smarts than anyone I’ve ever known. But the best thing about her? She so incredibly resilient. She is pushed down and looked down upon in so many situations and by so many people, but what does she do about it? She stands with her shoulders straighter, her head higher, dusts herself off and keeps going. Abby was dealt far less than a perfect hand. At times, I really couldn’t understand why she was making the decisions that she was, but when we found out bits and pieces of her mysterious past, it all came rushing forward. I was empathetic, I was sympathetic, and my heart honestly hurt for her. She was so, so strong and for years didn’t let anything get to her and was untouchable on the streets. But you can only hold the world on your shoulders for so long before everything comes crashing down. Even after everything that happens, her first instinct is to protect those that she loves. What was perfect for this story and character development was how we got to witness her discover what it means to have your friends become your family, and to love you more than the world itself.

“People can easily accept a lie over the truth, especially when the truth deals with things they just don’t want to acknowledge.”
“Lies can be pretty and sparkly. The truth is often disgustingly raw.”

The character development was well done, but if you’ve read any other book in this series, that’s no surprise; it always is. What really took my breathe away was the relationship development between Abby and Logan. It’s no secret that he was interested, but Abby just likes to play games and won’t let anyone get too close. The path that they took may not have been conventional, but nothing about these two characters is conventional in the first place. From the opening scenes until the very end they did everything their own way and made it work. It got messy and confusing, but all in all they were true to themselves, and therefore could finally grow together.

“I can’t lose you. You returning to selling, I’m not okay with it. Do anything else you want. Lion taming. Sniper. Detonation expert. Juggling fire. High school guidance counselor.”
The right side of my mouth tips up. “That’s safer?”

Katie McGarry incorporates a dynamic group of characters like no other. Every secondary character has their own roles, strengths, weaknesses, quirks, but can all work together with such strength for each other to achieve a common goal. Collectively they would do anything to help one another, and I loved seeing everyone together at once to help Abby. Every time a secondary character comes up, you can’t help but think back to their story and remember what you love about them. Except what Katie does that I love, is she builds upon those past characters in subtle ways – makes us enjoy and appreciate their presence that much more. There is a purpose behind every appearance made and what the individual roles are. Throughout, no occurrence is careless or random, every decision seems to have been made to enhance the concept we have on the past characters and develop the current story further.

“I also know a lot of what love isn’t, and I know too well what being used is like. Being used is dirty and manipulative and creates this layer of shame that can never be washed away, but love…my eyes burn and I briefly close them…love must be the opposite.
Love must be this: six boys who a lot of people threw away. Six boys who society said were one thing and they turned out to be something else…something more…something better. Six boys who have hopes and dreams and fears…and all of those things they keep hidden deep in their souls along with their hurts because society says they aren’t allowed to feel.”


“Six boys who set out to make money for varying reasons. Six boys who sweat and bled and endured blisters and pain. Heat causing them to tire. A sun that was relentless and unmerciful. Six boys that at the end of the week are quiet as they hand all their money to me.
Love—it isn’t meant to hurt my pride, it’s meant to heal. Each of these boys are loving me and if I don’t accept this money, I’m not loving them back.”

Usually when reading a book, no matter the genre, there’s one or two major scenes that stick out after you’re done as very important. In this case, there were three and everything about them was so well done and made a huge impact. I have never before bookmarked an entire page in a novel, so of course in this case I had pages in each of these scenes either highlighted to the max, or just plain bookmarked because the entire thing held that much meaning. Out of the past four novels in the series, I cannot come up with another instance that hit me as hard as two of these in particular. Katie does a spectacular job of threading feelings and intensity with real issues, and seems to have an express lane on the highway to EmotionVille, Population: All The Feels.

There are a lot of important life lessons woven throughout the themes in Chasing Impossible. One might think there’s already so much going on, that this much information didn’t need to be addressed, but here I would have to disagree. When finding out about Abby’s life and her decision making processes, it becomes crystal clear why all of these issues needed to be covered. The plot flowed so well from one event to the next, with different lessons placed throughout for the biggest impact. I meant what I said earlier about Katie’s style, everything is thought out meticulously, and it works every time. You family isn’t always blood. Your family are those who care for you, about you, will go to war and back without you even asking for it. Just because you aren’t related, doesn’t mean you can’t trust others or even accept their help. It’s okay to feel, to open up, to love, to trust and to love! Those previously determined family members will be there when you fall, it doesn’t always have to be done alone.

“You’re asking me to have more faith in you than I’ve ever had in anyone.”
I am. “Isn’t that what faith is? Believing in something without seeing it first?”

Yes this book deals with some important issues and yes it can be heavy and weighing at times, but overall I wasn’t terribly taxed by this story. There were enough light times to help overcome the bad, enough laughter and shenanigans to overlook some of the darkness. It was a treat to be inside of Abby’s head. She’s hilarious, and random, and scattered but it all seemed to fit her personality. Never can you expect anything from this one, she’s a real individual.

“I don’t know how to walk away. In all the rules and pieces of advice my father gave me over the years, he never taught me how to give two weeks’ notice to a drug lord. I mean is there paperwork? Should I bring flowers? Do I have to train my replacement? Create a training manual? If I have Kinko’s print and bind it, does that make them an accomplice to organized crime? I mean, how exactly do these things work?”

This is my favourite Young Adult series, ever, and Katie just gets better and better every time. All of her books are home runs, and you can’t help but to love each one more than the last. I was ecstatic to hear that Chasing Impossible would be for Abby and Logan – I’ve loved Logan since Dare To You and have been hoping for him and Abby since Crash Into You. Needless to say, I’m a very happy camper. Everything about this story was on point. It was fast paced and suspenseful, well laid out and flowed consistently. Any questions that may have arisen in the previous books have been thoroughly answered. Along with being laugh out loud funny and a little quirky, be prepared to hurt for this couple; for their situations, for their lives, for their fears. Chasing Impossible really did just that, but it’s been the perfect ending for a fantastic series that readers everywhere will love. Move over Rachel and Isaiah, Abby and Logan are the new favourites in town!




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KATIE MCGARRY was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, and reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.

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